Reiki Fusion for Spiritual Transformation for Men and Women Seaside Retreat October 20-22, 2023

by Cynthia M Chase Reiki Master

beach retreat

We now enter into the safety of our loving community for the magical and transformative work of expanding our consciousness, becoming our highest and most authentic selves.

I offer Reiki Fusion to every participant. I "deputize" all members in the beginning of the weekend by attuning the palm chakras in order for each member to assist in the healing. I am not the only healer: we all participate, though I lead.

Here we go!

A Magical Weekend Retreat at the Shore In a charming beach cottage in Connecticut. October 20 to 22, 2023

You are cordially invited to a day of rejuvenation, growth and empowerment through Reiki Fusion(tm) Energy Healing, dance, Chi Kung, movement and breath work. No experience necessary for this enjoyable and transformational retreat. During our time you will:

  • Wake up your life force energies
  • Learn the art of meditation through movement
  • Release negative patterns of thinking and free hidden transformative powers
  • Transcend limiting beliefs to embrace your greater potential
  • Become a more powerful healer for yourself, loved ones and others
  • Clear, cleanse and balance your vital life force energies
  • Learn how to access the wisdom within
  • Participate in rituals fostering your connection with nature and Spirit

We meet and work in sacred space; a place of laughter, learning, connection and recreating bonds. These are bonds with ourselves, each other and Spirit in whatever way you define Spirit. At one time all peoples of the earth worshipped in sacred ceremonial circles, where healing knowledge was shared by Shamans, who were the leaders, teachers and healers of the tribe.

Worldwide peoples understood that the earth was sacred and all worked together to keep the natural balance and to cooperate with each other. Our ancestors understood that we are all “relatives,” all people, animals, plants, the stars, the universe all equally deserving of respect and gratitude. We recreate these practices relevant for our own time and place. We take joy in creating a safe and caring space for reunification with the Sacred. We join the circle: a place for sharing and supporting each other. Indigenous Shamans tended to journey for their people. In our newly defined practice, you are guided to journey into yourself: you are your own reservoir of wisdom, your own Shaman.

Our weekend is creative and alive with ritual to awaken and expand our own inner knowledge and connection with Mother Earth. We will be employing a variety of techniques, including guided meditation, integrative healing, Reiki Fusion, trance-work, silent beach walk, gentle movement, drum circle.

We strive to balance Doing and Being: Through the magic of Reiki Fusion, you will be invited to travel inside of yourself to the deep well of wisdom. This is the place to access the knowledge and power that is your birthright. You are invited to transform your mind, your life and our world.

Only 8 places in total are available in the cottage space. Full payment is due September 9, 2023. To register, please contact Cynthia at or call her at 860-395-0284.

Tuition: Includes lodging, meals and refreshments from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. A $200 deposit will hold your space.

Retreat Location: Hawks Nest Beach, Old Lyme Connecticut directly on the Long Island Sound. Bedrooms are shared with one other (same sex) person. There is a full bath on the first floor and a half bath on the second floor. We have a full kitchen, dining room and a living room with a fireplace, as well as central heating on the first floor. The screened in porch is just feet from the water’s edge. We also have a firepit between the cottage and the water.

With Love and Light, Cynthia M Chase
Reiki Master/Teacher

Cynthia M Chase, MSW, LCSW, Reiki Master Teacher, is a psychospiritual therapist in private practice on the shoreline in Connecticut and in Westchester, New York. Her practice has spanned over thirty years. She is a leader in the field of positive psychology which focuses on a person’s strengths instead of weakness or pathology. Cynthia has been featured in local newspapers and is a published author.

Cynthia M. Chase

As a Reiki Master she has developed a process called Reiki Fusion, drawing on the Eastern principles of energy healing and the principles of Shamanic journeying. It is through this innovative and synergistic process that we discover a wealth of wisdom and healing inside. It was there all the time, but this loving work unlocks the key. It is a deeply empowering work, and a work of joy.

Testimonials from previous journeying retreat weekend

“I was ecstatic! It was the greatest experience I've ever had in my life. It was a magical weekend filled with love, compassion, new friendships and a re-defining of myself. I learned tips to take home with me so I could keep on growing! It was a fantastic weekend and I thank Cynthia...and everyone who attended, from the bottom of my heart. I highly recommend them and the work they do.“

“While taking a silent walk with the group I could hear, see and feel things I never before experienced. The sound of the wind, the energy from the tree and my feet being planted on the ground. There was a tree that caught my attention. In the trunk, it had a circle in the middle and the edges looked as though it was peeling back. I connected with this as a redefining and shedding of my past. A new discovery of myself and who I want to be. That weekend was my circle on the trunk peeling away my pain coming into my new self.“ AC

“I feel such a connection to you wonderful women, true and pure love. Thank you all for sharing yourselves with me. Blessed be….Namaste” DS