Anti-stress Herb naturally treats anxiety and much more

If I were to tell you that your mental, emotional and sexual health were to be improved by taking one herb, would you believe me? See for yourself as I refer you to a preeminent herbalist who researches and travels the world over looking for natural remedies. His name is Chris Kilham and he is known as The Medicine Hunter. In Chris’ extensive article on this herb, he reviews hundreds of studies on the efficacy and range of effects that this herb from Siberia and the Tian Shan region of China has on the human body (and mind.)

Rhodiola rosea is one of few plants that we call “adaptogenic.” This agent promotes non-specific resistance to a wide range of adverse influences of all kinds including harmful factors that are physical, biological and chemical. Under stress our body produces different compounds in the body including adrenalin, opoids and catecholamine, Chris explains. Under prolonged stress these substances can damage the nervous, glandular and sexual functions. Chris describes the extensive studies done on one stress induced substance called corticotrophin (CRF) that can over time lead to impaired sexual function. CRF can actually promote additional stress, exhaustion and fatigue.

Rhodiola rosea has been shown to reduce various stress-induced chemicals to normal body levels! The positive effects are wide-ranging.

In his own words: “Every herbalist has their favorite plant. Mine is Rhodiola rosea. Why? Because it improves energy, endurance and stamina, it improves mental clarity, it enhances your ability to concentrate, it gives you a great nights sleep even though its an energizer, it improves sexual function, and it improves your immune system too.” Chris Kilhan, Fox News.

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