Detoxification protocol for use with Antibiotics and Rife Treatment

Drink pure water to flush out the toxins. I find that if you take the number of pounds that you weigh, divide it in half, then drink that amount of water in ounces per day, you have a personalized approach to determining the appropriate amount of water. Preferably the water should be non-chlorinated, and non-fluoridated. Dehydration intensifies the amount and intensity of neuro-toxins and can worsen symptoms of Lyme and company, and the accompanying Herxheimer reactions.

Healthy Diet. A detoxifying diet focuses on fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains (unless you are gluten sensitive or intolerant), nuts and legumes. Saturated fat and processed foods create its own wake of toxins and only worsens symptoms. I find that olive oil and pure, virgin coconut oils help with joint mobility, brain function and much more. Also, there is a possibility that the bacteria feed on sugar, thereby worsening Lyme symptoms so a diet low in sugar is recommended. The more Lyme bacteria, and other co-infections multiply the more by-products they create. These neuro-toxic by-products generate pain, Lyme fog and many other symptoms depending on where the bacteria reside and grow.

Exercise. If very ill, this protocol may need start slowly and taken step by step. Listen to your body as to what it can tolerate. Aerobic exercise will help move the lymphatic system, which then allows for enhanced removal of toxins from your body. Jumping on a trampoline has been found to be amazingly helpful; small ones work as well as the larger, and are easy to store. If you start out walking, you can slowly build to a fast walk. Gradual but steady progress is more effective than pushing beyond your capacity, inducing a long recovery time.

Epsom foot baths or foot soaks. These salts draw toxins out of the body through the skin. This should be a regular part of the healing protocol.

Circulation Aids. Dry brushing is amazing. Take a long handled natural bristle brush and brush towards your heart. If done after the bath or shower, it is energizing and I find that it reduces pain! It is an immediate mood enhances for me! The ancient Japanese technique of alternating hot and cold showers also enhances release of toxins.

Heat therapy. A sauna, or even better, an infrared sauna, helps you to sweat out the toxins. I have found this to be a critical part of my own healing.

Massage. Physical massages help move energy and facilitates the movement of the lymphatic system – promoting the discharge of toxins. Be sure to drink lots of water after exercise and massage.

Sleep. Simply put, at least 8 hours of deeply restorative sleep is critical to the healing process. A quiet, dark room with minimal electro-magnetic stimulation is very important. A regular sleep routine is helpful, going to bed and waking at approximately the same time each night/day. Insomnia is one of the most common symptoms of Lyme disease and co-infections. Long term interruption of the sleep cycle produces cognitive decline and enhances pain, among so many other symptoms. Initially, there may need to be a brief introduction of a sleep aid, but long term use of sleeping medication tens to become ineffective and potentially addictive.

Earth Connection. Walking and exercising outside invites the healing earth energies to infuse your body. Connecting with the earth allows inflammatory energies in your body to flow downward.

The power of positive thinking and Prayer should not be underestimated. By bathing your mind with positive and loving thoughts, you are actually sending waves of healing energy through your body. This, in combination with the above recommendations, can guide inflammatory painful energy out of your body. Just as one can be brainwashed by negative stimuli, so can you brain-wash your mind with powerful healing. Meditation, progressive relaxation and guided visualization are proven stress reducers, and can aid the detoxification process.

Healing energy, hands on healing, and Reiki can be extremely useful in calming and healing; these methods can be used to direct painful and inflammatory energies down and out of the body and at the same time the intelligent energy that underlies life can be invited in. A trained healer can make all the difference. You may also be trained – at minimal expense and time- to heal yourself. If you are interested in this, please contact me or look up Reiki on YouTube.


My child has advanced Lyme disease. She is currently on two antibiotics to kill the live form and the cyst form. I will try some of you detoxifying suggestions to try and help her feel better. Thanks you, Tina


Hi Tina, Thank you so much for your response. I am glad you will be trying the detoxifying methods which I outlined. Detoxification from the die-off is critical and can reduce the Herxheimer reactions that can and usually do occur. You may also want to check on detoxifying herbals that may be found in your health food store, or go to a site like Nutramedix where antimicrobial drops, detoxification herbs in the form of drops and other products are offered that you may use as an adjunct to the bug-killing regimen that your son is on. Also, I want to suggest that most often more than one type of microbe is injected by ticks these days, maybe up to 11 or 12! Unless the different organisms are treated it reduces the chance of full wellness.

If you want further information please write to Kelly Smith at or call her at 860-434-6158. Take care and keep me posted.