Energy Netting

One of my Reiki students has come up with what I feel is a brilliant technique for helping to release resistant blocked energy.

Here is her technique:

Morgan Elizabeth Morenz - Energy Netting ™

Morgan Elizabeth Morenz

During a Reiki session that I was conducting with a client, I was working on an energy blockage that was not responsive to the usual method of removal – that is, getting in touch with the blocked energy then pulling it out and up, releasing it. It was resistant to release.

That started me thinking that I needed to create a powerful method that could penetrate and release this deeply held blockage.

What I am about to explain to you I discussed with my Reiki master, Cynthia M. Chase, expert in the fields of psycho-spiritual therapy, Reiki, and a healing modality that she created, Reiki Fusion. Cynthia said she never heard of anything like the technique that I devised, and felt that this creative method needed to be revealed to the healing community.

Here is a description of the technique: I scanned my client’s body with my hands and mind to find her blockage; I saw how big it was, and sensed the center point of it.

I channeled powerful energy to the center of the blockage with my left index finger over that center point (I use the left hand here so I can use my dominant right hand for the next step.) Then I framed the blockage with more dots of healing energy using my left index finger as a tool. With my mind I then channeled lines to connect all the dots that encircle the blockage. Then, in my mind’s eye, I connected each outer circle dot with the center point. When this was completed, the net activated.

It transformed into what looked just like a butterfly net made out of shimmering golden light over the black blockage.

I then focused on the center point of the net and it responded to my focus by dropping below the blockage. The net was then open and circling the blockage at the top and coming to a point at the bottom, holding the blocked energy.

With one hand holding the net I pulled up the net with its catch, the blocked and heavy energy. And then I released it from my client’s body. Reiki finished the rest of the cleansing and balancing.

Thank you and I hope you find this technique helpful!

Morgan Elizabeth Morenz

Morgan E. Morenz