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At the core of you there is a vibrant, wise and transcendent self

You have within you all the answers you have been searching for. Let me help you uncover them.
Traveling to that deep part of yourself with an experienced guide makes all the difference.
In an atmosphere of trust and respect you will have the opportunity to reflect out loud about your struggles, conflicts and pain.
Through the revelation of your self to yourself in the presence of caring "other" the challenges that you face become lighter, the path to resolution becomes clearer.

Let the new spiritual energy enter your life!


Reiki is a Japanese technique that induces stress reduction and relaxation and promotes healing. It is administered “hands on” or above the body and is based on the idea that unseen life force energy flows through us.

Reiki Fusion

Reiki Fusion is a dynamic combination of energy healing and Shamanic journeying. With guidance, you become your own healer, bringing in light and healing energy where you most need it.

Crystal healing

Crystal therapy or healing is an ancient form of healing, or what we now call vibrational medicine. It involves the use of crystals on or near the body to open, energize and balance energy centers in the body, to cleanse heavy or toxic energy in or around the body, and much more.

Reiki Classes I, II

I am trained in the Usui-Ryoko tradition as well as in the Essential Reiki tradition. An accomplished Reiki Master for a decade, I channel Love and Light in compassionate dedication. I assist students through transformative levels of enlightenment at their own pace.

Reiki Master Level

As an attuned Reiki level three Master, you will learn how to teach and attune others and to channel profound, high vibrational energies for transformative healing.

Reiki share - support groups

Bi-weekly group meetings for those interested in Reiki, or for those who have been attuned to Reiki - any level. This is a relaxed learning environment which is both a high level class and is also experiential. It is also a place for Spiritually minded people to meet others interested in similar passions.

Cynthia M. Chase

Meet me

My name is Cynthia Chase,

For many years, I worked as a therapist helping people solve difficult life situations. Although I was trained classically (Psychoanalytically) I have been influenced by many other schools of thought since then and find that most people like an interactive relationship. I listen to what your needs are and tailor my approach to your particular needs.

  • Empower your spiritual energy
  • Find answers you never thought you already know
  • Heal your body from inside
Cynthia book

Check my new book!

A Healers Journey to the Light and Back

Like a returning astronaut making landfall, I catapult from a pure-energy state back into my physical body. With a jolt, I regain consciousness. I am upside down in the car. My body is jack-knifed at the waist, my legs bent into the back seat and my upper body in the front seat, still secured by the seat belt. The “jaws of life” extricate me from the mangled wreckage. I can’t stop crying. My tears are not about physical pain. I am crying for my lost “heaven.”

Excerpt from the book