The Healing Power of our Past I wrote a portion of a chapter in this book called “The Process Unveiled” revealing the use of hypnotherapy in uncovering the past; the chapter discusses how a specifically designed hypnosis protocol helps the client re-experience past trauma, then releases that pain in a method called “Guided Light Therapy”: (developed by Dr. Norton Berkowitz).

Excerpts follow:

“I decided to enter into training with Norton, both as an adventure and as an exploration into these fantastic possibilities of understanding ourselves more deeply, and to determine the usefulness of these approaches in healing, especially for psychoanalytical use. My learning goal was both personal and professional. Although the techniques of Life Memory Recall and Guided Light Therapy sounded easily reproducible, I knew they were not and I knew I needed guidance to learn them. These techniques developed out of years of experience and as a culmination of information Norton retrieved from working with Hollie. … Since that time I have hypnotized many of my patients. I have seen them speak in foreign languages, some of the languages reputedly long lost in history. I have heard endless adventures, sagas, traumas relived. I have seen incredible remissions of long-standing symptoms in my patients that the traditional methods of psychotherapy were unable to affect. I have seen terrible pain and suffering released, allowing the patient to go on free of his or her burdens.”

“The Healing Power of our Past” by Dr. Norton Berkowitz and Dr. Hollie Martin. Published by iUniverse, Inc, New York Lincoln Shanghai, Copyright 2005