Stan’s Journal 7-29-10

Dear Lord,

Be by my side as a friend and guardian. Watch as I pull myself from this darkness. This hole. This hell. Do not lead me, as my path is my own, a path to be forged by my hands alone. Do not follow, as my mistakes need not be forgotten, washed away by your hand. Walk beside me.

Let the light from your eyes shine upon me. Illuminate my potential and smile upon my successes. Fore whatever I may achieve is better shared with a loving friend than either a master or slave.

Through your love I am empowered. I am capable. I am able to conquer life’s demons.

If ever I stumble, bruised and bereaved, lost unto myself, whisper your strength within my soul fore even the darkest of times I will promise to love with honesty and forgiveness, certain to always rely upon the wisdom and understanding of an open mind, never to fall victim to my pride.