One day offering of Reattunement by Cynthia for Reiki Masters

Invitation to all certified Reiki Masters. A one day offering of Reattunement by Cynthia M. Chase Reiki Master/Teacher M.S.W., L.C.S.W.

We will gather in a sacred circle by the fire. Chi Kung and Yoga practices will be incorporated to release blockages, augment our Chi, gather and balance our internal energies, and connect with earth and cosmic energies. This will open up our abilities to channel the unlimited life force running through us. We use powerful crystal energies and music/vibrational medicine as part of the process. All in preparation for attunement vibrations of the highest order. Each member will be attuned in a sacred ceremony - lighting up their internal energy centers and expanding and brightening their auric field.

In closing we will share Reiki healing with each other as we connect in circle, renewed and empowered! A delicious and healthy meal will be provided midday.

Fee is all inclusive. Fee due September 8. RSVP at