Seaside Fall Transformational Spiritual Retreat

The retreat was magical! Like a sparkling diamond, there are so many facets. Profound insights, amazing journeys, sunrise, sunset, silent walk on the beach, scrumptious meals, circle of support! Fireside dancing, drumming: the circle of friendship elevating each other to new heights. Thank you, each and every one of you!

Until next time, Blessings, Cynthia


Reiki retreat
Reiki retreat
Reiki retreat
Reiki retreat
Photo credits to Adina Ruskin

About the event

For you or anyone you think would like to join us: Join us for a retreat that can transform your life, in a cottage on the white sandy beach of Long Island Sound in Old Lyme, Connecticut (about two hours from Westchester, NY).

  • Do you want access to all of your energies - physical, emotional and spiritual?
  • Do you want to clarify and propel what you seek to manifest in your life?
  • Do you seek to release that which is holding you back?

By tapping into the deep reserves of your Self, you can access the wisdom that is always available to you. I will bring my integrative energy healing and trance work, Reiki Fusion. Bring your instruments - drums, rattles, flutes and more if you have any. These integrated techniques open the door for each of you to renew your connection with your Self, the Earth, and with all Beings in sacred ritual together. Fall brings us together around the fire: the circle of warmth and comfort beckons!

Fall brings us together around the fire: the circle of warmth and comfort beckons!

Blessings, Cynthia


More about this event

We meet and work in sacred space; a place of laughter, learning, connection and recreating bonds. These are bonds with ourselves, each other and Spirit in whatever way you define Spirit. At one time all peoples of the earth worshipped in sacred ceremonial circles, where healing knowledge was shared by Shamans, who were the leaders, teachers and healers of the tribe. We re-create these practices relevant for our own time and place. We take joy in creating a safe and caring space for reunification with the Sacred. We join the circle: a place for sharing and supporting each other. Indigenous Shamans tended to journey for their people. In our newly defined practice, you are guided to journey into yourself: you are your own reservoir of wisdom, your own Shaman. I act as guide in the adventure.

What to Expect

Our weekend is creative and alive with ritual to awaken and expand our own inner knowledge and connection with Mother Earth. We will be employing a variety of techniques:

On Friday night will be settle into our rooms, share food together and sit in the welcoming circle, joining old friends and meeting new ones. We will smudge as a cleansing ritual, and get to know each other and connect. We have a warming fireplace inside and outdoor fire pit just feet away from the shore.

On Saturday each participant will have the opportunity to work on themselves in the context of the supportive group. Each participant will be "deputized" by having their healing energies open to the universal life force and assist in the healing process. The spiritual tool box includes guided meditation, integrative healing, Reiki Fusion, trance-work, silent meditative beach walk, gentle movement, drum circle and a sound bath.

On Sunday we will engage in a most exciting practice - The PULSE Manifestation Technique, an amazingly effective way to envision what you desire to manifest, to identify the blocks to that dream and the means of activating your dream into reality.

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