Long Distance Healing Reiki Session

Have you wanted to receive Reiki healing but didn't know where to turn? We can conduct in person (with safety precautions) sessions or long distance Reiki sessions via Zoom from the safety of your own home, from any location. Do you need healing, pain reduction, and balancing?

Reiki clears, cleanses and balances your energy field and helps the life force flow freely through you, en-light-ening you. It can also bring in more life force to energize you for a full recharge! Reiki assists in releasing stressful and anxious energies, bringing in a sense of calm and centeredness. The session is a full hour and a half! This includes:

  • 30 minute initial consultation
  • 60 minute Reiki session
  • Wrap up with sending you a voice recording of the session if you would like

Please contact me at cynthiamchase@gmail.com or call me at 860-395-0284 for fee and scheduling.

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