Have you ever wondered. . .

what you can do for yourself in order for you move beyond the limitations?. . . or a dysfunctional or abusive relationship with a significant other , friend or acquaintance? Energy blockages in your body can prevent you from evolving forward into healthy and fulfilling relationships.

Everything in this universe is energy! Thoughts, feelings, memories, pain, heartbreak- everything is held in (and around) the body as energy and if it is not allowed to flow, we metaphorically become a frozen river. energized crystal can help us flow and become fully alive.

Crystal Healing

Crystal therapy or healing is an ancient form of healing, or what we now call vibrational medicine. It involves the use of crystals on or near the body to open, energize and balance energy centers in the body, to cleanse heavy or toxic energy in or around the body, and much more. Crystals can be bolstered through the practice of a Reiki Master, and then used to facilitate healing.

Personalized Crystal Grids

Each one is unique and designed (with Spirit assistance) for you to facilitate your evolution. A telephone or in person consultation will help you define your goals and intentions. I then infuse the crystal grid with the vibrations of those intentions so that the grid will become your “ally”. I then write up an extensive meditation which is created just for you – explaining which crystals were chosen, how they work, and defining how to use your grid. It will be as though you have a Reiki Master working with you – whenever and how frequently you would like to work on yourself.

Price: $250 all-inclusive
(Any re-energizing or defining focus at a later time – no charge)

Crystals Crystal grid