New Lyme Test Available


They call it revolutionary, and may be just that.  NeuroScience has announced a LYME IMMUNE ID test.  Traditional testing only detects the humoral or antibody-mediated response to B. burgdorferi.  Quoting from their website here is the essence of their test:


“False negatives" in the antibody-mediated tests can occur as a result of


•  low antigen levels

•  the ability of B. burgdorferi to ‘hide’ in cells or cysts to evade B cell detection

•  B cells draining into lymph nodes where antibodies are below detection levels




The combination of B. burgdorferi (Lyme) specific T-cell response and cytokine analysis, in conjunction with standard western blot, provides both cellular and humoral immune response, as well as patient inflammatory response assessment. This comprehensive assessment provides the most complete clinical analysis of infection status and immune response that can be utilized to guide therapeutic intervention protocols.


MY Lyme Immune I.D.™ Comprehensive Assessment (#5652) Includes:


Immune Tolerance Test® (ITT®)


•  Identifies T-cell response for B. burgdorferi (Lyme) specific antigens, even “hidden” or low levels.

•  Includes a panel of B. burgdorferi (Lyme) specific antigens that offer early and late stage identification.


OspC – Early antigen appears shortly after tick bite or transfer of the spirochete


p41 – Early and late antigen that provides mobility to the spirochete


VlsE-1 – Late antigen appears after spirochete infection


p100 – Late stage antigen


DbpA – Essential protein needed for overall virulence


Cytokine Analysis


•  Analysis of B. burgdorferi (Lyme) antigen specific inflammatory immune response in patients.

•  Provides guidance for effective intervention protocols.

•  Assessment includes cytokines, chemokines, and immune growth factors: IL-, IL-6, IL-8, IL-10, G-CSF, IFN-y and TNF-α.



Western Blot Analysis (IgG and IgM)


Industry standard methodology


Let’s keep our eyes on this test!  If anyone has experience with this test, please write in.  Anyone interested, please go to their website.  Test kits are available, and blood draw sites are listed.


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