"I can openly and honestly say that I have never been disappointed from my very first meeting with Cynthia. I believe it was her spirit, her effervescence, inner strength, warmth and kindness. She was just so open and honest, so straightforward. She had the capacity to grasp everything I presented. " (read more)




"My life has been enlightened with joy, love, wisdom and peace. Your

compassion, gentleness, and understanding make you a role model that we

should all strive to be." (read more)




"I thank you from the bottom of my heart for walking this journey with me. I

will remember the things I have learned and use them to make every day

count, as though it were my last." (read more)




"Something about your core, your beliefs

and untouchable brilliance from the heart has given me profound belief in

myself and others. What a gift." (read more)




"If you are in need of answers and direction, purpose and focus in

your life, I urge you to contact Cynthia Chase. Come in with an open mind

and prepare to heal yourself." (read more)




Eryn shares in verse (read more)




"I sincerely thought that I was a lost cause, as it turns out, I’m not. Cynthia and her Reiki fusion practice had a profound impact on allowing me to re-establish my life." (read more)




"I can’t even express into words my thanks for how much you have helped me

during my troubled period." (read more)


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