Dear Cynthia,


I am pleased to share my thoughts about my visits with you over the past 8 months and hope that they are of use to others seeking guidance. I read an article about Cynthia in a local paper which described her approach to counseling which incorporated traditional psychotherapy with non-traditional (at least by western standards) methods of healing such as Reiki.


Although I did not immediately seek Cynthia’s help, I noted her name and felt that I would reach out at some point.


Pressures related to work and children growing up caused a feeling of emptiness that came and went. When I felt I had hit the bottom, I made the call to Cynthia. Our first sessions were very productive because I felt very much at ease in a short time. An excellent listener, her calm demeanor and practical advice allowed me to feel some improvement quickly.


After several sessions, she introduced me to Reiki which produced a calming effect which I had rarely felt. More recently, I mentioned that the calm I felt after Reiki was great but wondered how to capture that feeling more often.


Cynthia brightened and said I needed some new things in my “toolbox”-techniques to help through the inevitable down times we all experience.


She then opened the world of self-healing through Reiki, steps which will allow me to perform this healing on myself and others. While I am rather new at this, I can tell you that it does work and I am looking forward to on-going enlightenment.


Cynthia is a wise person. She has read extensively and draws on this and some fascinating personal experiences to provide the guidance I need. She is not “preachy” nor does it feel as though everyone gets the identical solution. If you are in need of answers and direction, purpose and focus in your life, I urge you to contact Cynthia Chase. Come in with an open mind and prepare to heal yourself.


Hope this helps.


Best wishes,



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