Dear Cynthia,


When I first came to you life felt hopeless. After a few sessions I realized that there is a Higher Power, and that that power is the communication and interaction between all humans. That interaction heals.


It heals through cleansing the incorrect programming we all seem to have all around us in a world that is unaware of the spiritual help that surrounds us. Looking back to the days of despair, pain and the lack of faith, I realize now what we seek is deep within our souls. That faith can be resurrected through effort, belief in ourselves and honest communication with those around us.


This power is unlimited and we only have to truly desire and reach inside for it. If I could share one thing about my healing

over the last few months, if only to inspire others, it would be that we are not alone.


We are all connected to each other. That connection is our humanity and our ability to touch each others hearts with compassion even when we feel broken. I feel something miraculous has happened to me. I feel there are many more

miracles to come. I believe this change has come from letting go of the pain in my past, and coming to peace with the mistakes that I have made. Those mistakes are now lessons I will take with me as I grow and change.


Now I know that I have a future that I can create for myself. That future will be filled with Love, Hope and the desire to show others that even when we are sad and all feels lost, God, Buddha, or whatever name we choose to call Spirit, is very close by and that that power resides in each and every one of us.


I thank you from the bottom of my heart for walking this journey with me. I will remember the things I have learned and use them to make every day count, as though it were my last.


With full appreciation and Love,


Loretta Corson



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