At the core of you there is a vibrant, wise

and transcendent self.

Seaside Retreat

Friday October 13 through 15



Reiki / Energy Medicine



I offer traditional Reiki and unique blend of Healing practices called Reiki Fusion.









Although I was trained classically (Psychoanalytically) I have been influenced by many other schools of thought since then and find that most people like an interactive relationship. I try to listen to what your needs are and tailor my approach to your particular needs.

Reiki Classes for Levels I, II and Master

Reiki Share Group

Crystal Healing, Crystal Grids

You have within you all the answers you have been searching for.


Traveling to that deep part of yourself with  an experienced guide makes all the difference.


In an atmosphere of trust and respect you will have the opportunity to reflect out loud about your struggles, conflicts and pain


Through the revelation of your self to yourself in the presence of caring "other" the challenges that you face become lighter, the path to resolution becomes clearer.

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