Dear Cynthia,


So, after many months I have finally held up to my promise to let you know how everything is going. Moving here was probably the best decision I have ever made in my entire life. The job is going very well. The people are great and the lifestyle is much slower but also fun. The apartment I found is the nicest I could have ever imagined.


I can’t even express into words my thanks for how much you have helped me during my troubled period. I know it has only been about eight months since I saw you, but life is going so well now that it seems like a lifetime ago.


You were able to give me an incredible mind-set to be able to fully assess everything that is happening around and inside of me: physically, spiritually and emotionally. I am much better at reading into the nature of my feelings and what they really mean. I am also much better at catching myself before I slide into old patterns. That is the most important lesson I learned from all of that time. I am taking responsibility for my actions now and being mindful of myself. I no longer turn a blind eye to what is really going on.


I never really believed that things happen for a reason but with the way my life has turned out I think I finally believe that. My problems led me to you, and now my life is better than I could have imagined. I realize one very interesting thing. As you know, my life was pretty rough and bumpy from the time I graduated college. I have noticed that the changing point in my life was when I saw you and you helped me to take full ownership of my actions and my mistakes. When I stopped blaming others and focused on what was wrong with me my whole life has fallen into place. I found a great job, moved to a great place, and heck, it even looks like I’ve met a wonderful

woman recently that may turn out great.


So again, thank you for everything. I plan to be very mindful of everything, taking the lessons with me so that I do not repeat past

mistakes. Hope to hear from you soon and take care.




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