October 20, 2011


Over the years I have had many sessions of therapy, including psychotherapy, sessions with psychiatrists, and was a short term resident in a psychiatric hospital. They have all helped me in my struggle to rise above my difficulties. But I will admit that of all the interactions and exchanges with different “therapists,” there was no one that I felt completely at ease with. Someone I could talk to and feel heard, understood, or felt completely safe with. Someone to help me move forward. I also knew that I was difficult as I was very selective and non trusting due to the trauma of my childhood, and to add to that, seventeen years of a very brutal marriage.


So I did well for quite a few years, but then my life suddenly took a very difficult turn as I learned some very painful information that happened to my children when they wee so very young. This absolutely shocked me and threw me for a loop, and I knew I was not coping and would need to start my therapy search once again. I believed that I really needed someone very special, someone who could help me get through this, a most painful phase of my life. I really believed that I knew what I needed for help now, and what sort of therapist it would take that would really work best for me. But nothing I could put into words. Just a gut feeling.


I searched on the Internet in my State and just prayed that I would find someone local and nearby for my convenience and comfort, but, who would also have the skills I needed. I feel fortunate to be able to say that I did! It was there on her website that I saw Cynthia’s bright and cheerful face and her written presentation. So I e-mailed Cynthia for an appointment, then I received her call and met her face to face shortly thereafter.


I can openly and honestly say that I have never been disappointed from my very first meeting with Cynthia. I believe it was her spirit, her effervescence, inner strength, warmth and kindness. She was just so open and honest, so straightforward. She had the capacity to grasp everything I presented. She was extremely knowledgeable and skilled at her craft and this put me completely at ease. I knew she could handle me. At last I was able to feel comfortable with my feelings no matter how difficult or painful they were. She has this capacity to deeply care and the ability to help you see yourself as a loving, warm human being who is so capable of healing from the inside out. To allow yourself to dare to step back into your past, to evolve, expand and grow. To truly fit into the self you always believed you were, and to love that self.


One of Cynthia’s most delightful attributes is her wonderful sense of humor! Her laughter is truly rich and very contagious. A quality we should all be so fortunate to have.


Anita L. Nelson


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